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Investor & Finance Outreach Programs

(Supported by EEIT’s Catalyst Programs and Venture Capital & Finance Fellows Program Members)

EEIT’s international public and private sector stakeholder network in energy, infrastructure, and technology extends far beyond infrastructure projects, international business development, and global expansion. As a business development-focused institute, EEIT has continued to expand our services and solutions for members. As the energy crisis hits Europe and the U.S., our European partners required more introductions to American energy companies to fill the critical gaps left in the wake of Russian sanctions. As we have been reaching out to our American partners to offer expedited European expansion strategies, many organizations are interested but lack the capital resources to grow into the European markets. 


EEIT has taken steps to assist both U.S. and European energy, infrastructure, and technology companies with their new capital requirements by offering investor outreach solutions for Catalyst Program members.

One of our primary pillars is our global finance, venture capital, and investment network. This active network is continuously searching for new investment opportunities. EEIT strives to unify investors with commercial sector organizations for synergistically aligned introductions and collaborations.


The Energy and Infrastructure Investor & Finance Outreach Programs are available to Catalyst Program members as an add-on to their bespoke campaigns. EEIT’s Investor & Finance Outreach program is not a replacement for the existing investor relations teams at our members’ organizations, rather we are here to enhance their efforts and offer new outreach vectors, network access, events, and strategies to elevate and internationally expand their current efforts.

"EEIT's Venture Capital & Finance Outreach Program Offers Bespoke Financial Solutions to Overcome a Variety of Growth and Expansion Hurdles."

The Eastern European Institute for Trade's mission to accelerate business development and international expansion between the United States and our European allies requires us to once again expand our portfolio of member services. EEIT now offers powerful investor and finance solutions through our Catalyst Programs to further enhance member success. 

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EEIT's Investor & Finance Outreach Program Assist's the Following Initiative Categories:

  • Startup Venture Capital

  • Domestic and International Investor Outreach

  • Licensing Promotion

  • Infrastructure Project Finance

  • Investor Relations Enhancement

  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

  • Investor Pitch and Presentations

  • Public - Private Sector Brand Internationalization

  • M & A, and IPO Strategies

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EEIT Covers the Following Industry Catagories:

  • Energy and Infrastructure

  • Small Modular Reactors

  • Renewable Energy (Solar, Hydrogen, Biomass, Geothermal, and Wind)​

  • Sustainability and Carbon Capture and Storage Technology and Projects

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Sustainable Smart Cities

  • Regional Economic Development

  • International Commercial and Trade

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Catalyst Programs Investor and Finance Outreach Solutions Offer:

  • x10 Investor Relations Outreach Support

  • We work with the existing IR team to enhance outreach.

  • Targeted Investor Outreach and Bookings

  • Customized Virtual Roadshows

  • Live and Virtual Trade Missions to Europe/U.S.

  • Turnkey Presentation Setup 

  • Presentation Event with Attendee Followup and Bookings

  • Domestic and International Media Outreach

  • Strategic Partnership and Joint Venture Outreach and Exploratory Bookings

  • Research and Whitepaper Promotion

  • Targeted Audiences:

    • Family Office 

    • Venture Capital

    • Infrastructure Finance

    • M&A and IPO

  • Customized Financial Catagories are Available

  • Whitelabel and Custom Options Available

Book a 15-Minute Exploratory Call to Find Out More About EEIT's VC and Investor Outreach Programs.

Interested in Learning More?

Book a 15-minute exploratory call to out more about EEIT's Investor & Finance Outreach Program? 

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