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Venture Capital & Finance Fellows Program

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Who Are We

EEIT's Finance & Venture Capital Program for Infrastructure and Technology Projects

The Eastern European Institute for Trade works with commercial and government stakeholders in a growing list of more than 23 countries. We are regularly introduced to a myriad of new energy and infrastructure projects, next-generation cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, sustainability, automation, biotech, and medical technology organizations and startups. These organizations seek guidance for internationalizing their organizations and regularly request introductions to our venture capital and investor networks.


The Venture Capital & Finance Fellows Program comprises experts and service providers in mergers and acquisitions, SPACs, IPOs, infrastructure finance, private equity, fund managers, venture capital, and more. Our Fellows also host live and virtual “Pitch & Present” events where organizations can present and showcase their energy and infrastructure projects, technology, licensing opportunities, and more. If Fellows are interested in a presentation, EEIT schedule a series of deep dive meetings for parties to discuss options and collaborate.



Project Niches Our Fellows Programs Supports:

  • Energy and Infrastructure Projects in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America (including all renewable energy)

  • Technology Projects and Startups that Support National Security and Critical Infrastructure Resiliency

  • Mergers and Acquisitions, IPOs, and Alternative Finance

  • Carbon Capture and Storage, and Sustainability-Focused Technologies and Projects

  • Public Private Partnerships

  • Licensing and Joint-Ventures

  • Medical and Biotech

  • Additional niches are currently being explored.



Contact us if you’d like to inquire about Fellowship enrollment or to apply to present to our Fellows.

Contact Us for Details

Please Allow Up To 72 Hours for a Reply.

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