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american energy trade mission to romania

Trade Mission to Romania

American Energy Security & International Trade Summit

Washington, D.C. June 21st - 22nd, 2022


American Energy Trade Mission to Romania

Bucharest, Romania July (Moved to September 19th - 21st, 2022)

  • Ministry of Energy

  • Ministry of Trade

  • Strategic Energy Site Tour

  • Public/Private Energy Stakeholder Meetings and Collaborations

  • Member Access Only​

  • Congressional & Embassy Roundtable 

  • Stakeholder Advisory

  • Trade Project Collaboration

  • National Press Club Briefing

  • Energy Summit Breakout

  • International Trade Roadshow

  • Member Breakout Sessions at May Summit

Trade Mision Information

American Energy Security & International Trade Summit

Washington, D.C. June 21st - 22nd, 2022


American Energy Trade Mission to Romania

Bucharest, Romania July (Moved to September19th - 21st, 2022)

Washington, D.C. (April 27, 2022) - The Eastern European Institute for Trade (EEIT) was recently formed in response to the long-term geopolitical, economic and humanitarian impact on the Eastern flank countries of the European Union countries from the Ukraine – Russia war. EEIT is a demand-driven trade organization designed to bring European market opportunities to the US. Building on the growing US political engagement in the area, EEIT is charged with a mission to facilitate US companies’ access to the business and investment opportunities that are being created every day in this new reality. 


To this end, EEIT is launching its first all-stakeholder-all-access collaborative initiative in mid-June, “The European-American Energy Security & Trade Summit”, American energy companies will be able to engage directly with energy and trade diplomats and stakeholders in the countries that form the first line of defense against Russian aggression. American energy solutions are being requested, creating business opportunities to help solve the current energy crisis. The Summit will also announce the launch of its first of many Energy and Trade Missions to the region, to Romania, in July. 


The trade mission’s focus will bring Romania and the new economy into focus: Security and Prosperity in the Black Sea region. At the invitation of the Romanian Ministry of Energy, EEIT will take a small group of American energy c-suite and association directors on a tour of the Nation’s energy infrastructure and offer direct trade-focused collaborations to American energy companies wishing to engage in trade.


“This is a time where American energy leadership is needed to assist our European allies at a critical time”, says Joseph Baran, EEIT Executive Director, “This is an opportunity for American energy providers to accelerate their international trade collaborations with European nation-state assistance at an unprecedented time in world history.”

Business prospects in the strategic sector of Energy:

Black Sea opportunities:

  •  Strategic priorities and investment projects (available logistics already in place: Constanta Port which provides fluvial, maritime, rail, and highway transport)

  • Oil & Gas

  • Nuclear Energy

  •  H2 production

  • Offshore renewables (wind)


Energy sector between the imperatives of Decarbonization and Security of supply:

  • Recovery and resilience of the Energy sector

  • Decarbonization goals in the Energy sector

  • Ensuring the security of supply and price affordability in a sustainable manner


Black Sea: production and security area:

  • Natural gas in the Romanian Energy Transition

  • Sector integration


Energy sector categories encouraged to enroll for the summit and trade missions are:

  • American LNG suppliers

  • Energy associations with members interested in accelerated European trade collaborations

  • Energy, LNG, Renewables, and Decarbonization Roundtables

  • Renewable energy and technology companies

  • Decarbonization biotech and technology

  • Clean Energy and technology providers


Additional energy trade missions will be announced to attendees at the summit. Contact the Eastern European Institute for Trade to find out more about participating in the American Energy Security & Trade Summit and the American Energy Trade Mission to Romania.


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