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Executive Profile

Eastern European Institute for Trade

EEIT working groups, briefings, summits, and events are designed to accelerate public-private sector, C-Suite-to-stakeholder trade and commercial collaborations, joint ventures, and opportunity exploration.


EEIT programs are unique due to the fact that they are collaborative with pre-scheduled stakeholder meetings that EEIT staff schedules on behalf of requests from both the commercial and government stakeholders in attendance.


Another strategic advantage our attendees notice is that our audience size is limited so that each attendee is able to engage in a fully optimized manner. Our goal for each stakeholder attending an EEIT summit is to leave with potential projects, new strategic partners, and new international contacts in both the public and private sectors. The below form assists us in fulfilling this mission to deliver a quality summit. A detailed and accurate profile means more stakeholder meetings and better results for those in attendance.


Note: EEIT summits are for “senior executives and c-suite” only. Upon completion of your profile, we will connect with our network to schedule your requested meetings. Within 24 hours of the summit, you’ll receive a schedule listing your accepted stakeholder meetings. Space is limited so in the event that your profile is not a match for this event, you’ll receive an email notification within 24 hours. 

Does your organization currently operate in Europe?
Your primary goals in attending this EEIT Summit is to learn more about:
Is your company looking for specific acquisitions, mergers, or investment opportunities?
Is your company or EDO interested in infrastructure project collaborations or financing options?
Is your organization interested in hearing about offshore staffing opportunities in Europe that are supported by the Ministry of Trade?
Is your organization interested in collaborating with embassies and industry-specific European government outreach programs such as
Is your organization interested in programs that offer monthly access to:

Stakeholder Meeting Requests:

  Based on the schedule and list of attendees listed above, please list which government stakeholders and embassy diplomats you’d like to meet with and the topics you’d like to discuss. EEIT staff will communicate with the stakeholders about your meeting request list and you’ll be emailed a final schedule within 48 hours of the trade summit. EEIT staff will be on hand to assist with introductions


  In each of the boxes provided list one Embassy, Government Agency, or Commercial Organization Representative and 1-2 sentences about the nature of your meeting request

Economic Development Organizations: (This section is for EDOs only, tell us about your areas of interest)
Trade Associations (This section is for Trade Associations only, tell us about your areas of interest)

Thank you for your interest in the Eastern European Institute for Trade

Please Complete The Form Below

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