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Working Group Projects Hub

EEIT Projects are industry niche-focused Working Group collaborations that unify international business development, trade association leadership, academic research, infrastructure finance, and industry leadership. Projects are proposed and maintained by our Working Group members, and EEIT provides supportive architecture, multinational connectivity, and support to optimize and globalize each project.


Projects and working groups offer members a forum to engage with a diversified network of academic, commercial, and government contributors. Project members set their own goals and trajectory that encompass a combination of commercial enterprise, multinational expansion, academic innovation, and thought leadership strategies such as whitepapers publishing, Congressional roundtable advisory, National Press Club briefings, media engagement, and more. Contact us to find out more about getting involved with our international Project Hub program.

decarbonize project by EEIT_edited_edite

Decarbonize Project

The Decarbonize Project is a working group and incubator program that identifies, promotes, strategically aligns, finances, and launches promising carbon capture and carbon sequestration technologies that combat climate change and contribute to minimizing the impact of carbon emissions globally.


The Decarbonize Project unifies commercial and environmental interests into a collaborative working group model that offers academic support to researchers, funding for new technologies, and commercial expansion and business development opportunities for investors and commercial enterprise members.

Carbon markets international by eeit_edi

Carbon Markets International

Carbon Markets International advises and facilitates carbon market strategies for corporate, NGO, and nation-state stakeholders. This full-spectrum project introduces turnkey solutions from soil health for optimized carbon sequestration, to carbon credit integrity, to carbon credit introduction to the international marketplace.

This project's unique approach optimizes the capitalization and utilization of state-owned and privately held land for rural economic development with real and measurable results and superior standards.


American Energy Security & Trade Project

The American Energy Security & Trade Project is an energy and infrastructure-focused working group that provides networking events, trade summits, infrastructure project finance clinics, and international business development opportunities that include public and private sector stakeholder collaborations.

This multinational network offers a powerful connectivity hub for members to engage internationally with public-private sector stakeholders, trade associations, economic development organizations, and more. The American Energy Security & Trade Project's focus is to rapidly globalize member connectivity, identify and collaborate on new and existing infrastructure projects, and to provide a platform for the proliferation of new ideas, and industry standards.

energy execcutives and technology institute.png

Energy Executives & Technology Institute

EETI offers affiliated energy and trade association stakeholders a turnkey "internationalization" strategy for their members. EEIT is a noncompetitive, alliance and support mechanism for association stakeholders with an interest in introducing their members to international commercial and expansion opportunities with the support of our public-private sector network.

EETI co-hosts and collaborates with trade associations for events, summits, international trade missions, and domestic diplomatic missions to bring international government stakeholders to present trade opportunities and network with association members and more.

Note: The Energy Executives and Technology Institute is for trade association leadership and c-suite only. We collaborate with organization decision-makers to bring unique opportunities to their membership.


International Agritech Trade Project

The International Agritech Trade Project introduces the application of technology to elevate the efficiency of farming, the food supply chain, and food security.

IATP advisory and trade interests focus on urban farming, farming robotics & mechanization, satellite farming, driverless tractors, aerial farm management, Agri robots, electric tractors, fertigation, farm management software, sensing, & IoT methods, precision agriculture, big data, and more.

IATP advises international government and trade and invests in promising technologies, companies, and projects that share its core values.


American Renewable Energy & Trade Project

The American Renewable Energy & Trade Project unifies executives, academics, and government stakeholders from a variety of renewable and clean energy categories such as solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal, and biomass. 

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