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Who Are We

Who We Are

The International SMR Institute is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that provides an optimized conduit for international stakeholders to collaborate on accelerated trade strategies that open doors to new bilateral business development opportunities and international expansion.


Our Accelerator Programs offer turnkey and done-for-you solutions to international business development executives and internationally-focused organizations in expansion mode. We provide direct trajectory solutions such as lead generation, media outreach, pre-scheduled stakeholder appointments, infrastructure project access, international strategic alliance formation, and more.

The International SMR Institute's International Relations program unifies, public, government, media, and investor relations into a powerful communication strategy that accelerates the proliferation of information, to a surgically targeted audience in one fully optimized and turnkey solution.

Our Venture Capital & Finance Fellows program creates seamless connectivity between technology-focused academic research, government programs, commercial innovation, and financial stakeholders who are ready to inject capital and investment into promising opportunities.

The International SMR Institute offers deal and project-focused advisory, briefings, networking functions, and events for our members to form strategic partnerships, develop international networks, and engage in domestic and international business development collaborations in the public and private sector arenas.

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