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International Relations Boot Camp

EEIT's International Relations Bootcamp is offered to newly enrolled executives and c-suite members. The goal of this seminar series is to introduce new members to the public-private sector business development, and networking opportunities provided in each program, and how to utilize each program to further the corporate expansion and commercial goals.

International Boot Camp Details

The Eastern European Institute for Trade offers bilateral commercial and international expansion services to companies in the United States and Eastern Europe. Through our Fellows Program, Senior Fellows Program, and international trade missions EEIT brings together a unique blend of government stakeholders and commercial trade organizations who are ready to engage in business development, strategic alliance formations, joint ventures, and more.


Through ongoing international trade summits, National Press Club events and briefings, one-on-one engagements with commercial and government stakeholders, and more, EEIT programs take your company’s message directly to the decision-makers who can expedite the progress of your global expansion and international business development strategy.


The industries we cover are:

  • Infrastructure and Energy

    • Including Solar, Geothermal, Hydrogen, and Other Renewables

  • Technology

    • Decarbonization 

    • Agritech

    • Biotechnology

    • Cybersecurity

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Cloud Computing

    • And more


EEIT offers two unique programs to assist companies in their global expansion strategies and international business development strategies by offering two dynamic programs that provide a wide range of turnkey and done-for-you solutions to expedite the process with a direct trajectory for introductions, strategic alliances, and trade engagement more.


EEIT’s Fellows Program offers International Expansion 

EEIT’s Fellows Program offers members International Expansion Services that assist American and European companies and executives to expand into international markets by providing direct access to the decision-makers within their targeted audience. This service provides multiple gateways for rapid access to public and private, national and local, one-on-one, and event-driven promotional and communication venues. This program is built for hyper-accelerated globalization and trade collaboration and offers customized solutions that meet and exceed the goals of enrolled organizations.


Sr. Fellows Program: International Business Development 

EEIT’s Sr. Fellows Program offers members a white-glove approach to international expansion with a proactive approach to business development. Our team of experts constantly meets with international government stakeholders, commercial sector c-suite, and other potential prospects to form business partnerships and strategic alliances and collaborate on infrastructure projects and international trade projects. The Sr. Fellows Program offers companies a turnkey combination of both international expansion and global business development in a continuous manner, with measurable results. When it comes to opening new markets and business international development, this robust program does the heavy lifting.


Topics to be covered in this boot camp:

  • Trade and Commercial-Focused International Government Relations

    • Roundtable Advisories

    • Embassies

    • Nation-State Stakeholder

    • Back-channel communications

  • International Trade Association Networking

    • Direct Access to Industry Niche Directors from Multiple Nation

    • Roundtables & Events

    • Cross Promotions, Collaborations, and Network Pollination

  • Trade Stakeholder Alliances

    • Pre-Vetted Stakeholder Leads & Pre-Set Appointments

    • Weekly Zoom & In-Person Meetings

  • International Trade

    • Infrastructure Project Packaging

    • Direct Diplomat Collaboration

    • Process Management and Optimization

    • Project Alliance Building and Connectivity Expansion

    • Infrastructure Finance

  • Incubators

    • Thought Leadership

    • Alliance Building

    • International Relations as a Service

    • Member, Project, Member Organization Globalization

  • Events

    • Keynotes, Expert Panels, and Interviews.

    • Receptions

    • Summits

    • Vendor Showcase

    • Trade Bloc, IGO, NGO, and Nation-State Sponsored

  • Fellows Program

    • Academic Advisory Attached to EEIT Projects

    • Institute & Think Tank Collaborations

  • Project Rapid Expansion

    • Project Finance Options

    • Funding Partner Access and Collaboration

    • Pitch & Present Strategies

  • Whitepaper Publishing and Distribution

    • The Importance of Publishing

    • Academic Resources for Members

    • Optimizing International Trade Projects with Academic Partners

  • And more!


Contact us for boot camp dates and membership information.

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