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Who Are We

Who We Are

The International ESG Institute is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, sponsored by the Eastern European Institute for Trade's network of government stakeholders, and more than 20+ governments throughout Southeast Asia, and Latin America.


Our mission is to provide a strategic and objective stakeholder-to-stakeholder conduit for communicating ESG and sustainability-related information.

IEI's enunciated focus on International Relations (Public, Government, Commercial, Media, and Investor) unifies real-world expertise with a socialization megaphone that expedites the introduction of innovative tools, tactics, and procedures to a ready audience of experts who are ready to examine, adapt, and potentially utilize tested and proven solutions, into their immediate environment.

Our Venture Capital & Finance Fellows program creates seamless connectivity between ESG-focused academic research, government programs, and senior finance executives who are charged with the challenge of implementing ESG and Sustainability elements into their day-to-day practice.

The International ESG Institute offers advisory, international trade and education missions, briefings, networking functions, and events for our members to engage. IEI and it's working groups are committed to bringing clarity to the environmental, social, and governance challenges being faced by public and private sector organizations during this unique time in history.

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