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"Unifying Industry Leaders with an International Stakeholder Network" 

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Our Fellows Program Offers a Superior Edge.

Our Fellows Program Offers a Superior Edge.

The Eastern European Institute for Trade is a Washington, D.C.-based institute with a hyper-focus on domestic and international business development and expansion. Our massive network of public and private sector stakeholders offers our members a unique, and direct opportunity to engage with decision-makers in the energy, infrastructure, and technology sectors with business development-centric dialogue and an optimized setting for meaningful collaborations.


EEIT Was Engineered for Accelerated Business Development and Hypergrowth.

This institute was built for accelerated trade between the United States and our European allies. Our bespoke solutions offer our Catalyst Program members accelerated business development opportunities, explosive domestic and international growth, rapid expansion, and an enunciated presence within critical markets required for brand success. 


We are not your typical Washington, D.C. institute. 

The entirety of our attention and efforts centers around opportunity creation, business development, global expansion, domestic market domination, and “in the trenches” leadership. EEIT was formed with the support of multiple commercial attaches, trade, and commercial diplomats from several European countries who required a trusted resource to host bilateral trade collaborations, commercial outreach programs, infrastructure project-focused commercial outreach and partnering, and more.


Our Fellows Partner Program. 

We designed this program with one mission: to give our Fellows everything they need to dominate their space. Over the past year, we have experienced unprecedented growth and are now ready to launch our Fellows program. This program is open to select executives that share a synergistic value in regards to the target audience, vision for growth, and focus on business development and commercial expansion.

Domestic and International Programs

The Eastern European Institute for Trade’s primary focus is bilateral trade and collaboration between the United States and our European allies. This means we offer both U.S. and European programs. We have many American organizations that exclusively utilize EEIT programs for domestic business development and the same goes for our European partners. Though we offer international programs, some organizations are only ready for domestic solutions. At EEIT, we pride ourselves in offering an international network to be utilized however the member needs. Tell us what region your organization is targeting, and we’ll activate our network there, it’s that simple.

The Fellows Program is Invite-Only and Costs $0.

As an institute, our network and our focus are primarily on international government trade relations. We set up live and virtual think tanks, events, networking receptions, international trade collaborations, infrastructure projects, and more. We depend on our Fellows to bring their contacts and connections from the commercial sector and plug them into the virtually limitless access programs that we offer. EEIT Fellows are critically important to the success of EEIT trade missions, events, and media relations. We strive to have one Fellow for each industry niche that we cover. When we have the right executive in place, our goal is to heavily promote and support the new Fellow with their own working group, media outreach, events, live and virtual trade missions, and more. In many cases, we allow for the executive's company to participate in international branding and promotional campaigns.

The Fellows Program is Free and Invite-Only.

All we ask in return is for the Fellow to promote our initiatives and programs to their network. Fellows are issued an exclusive industry niche working group with full institute support. The job of EEIT is to support the Fellow and the working group members with its full arsenal of solutions. The Fellow's goal is to grow the working group, promote our programs to their contacts, and encourage their working group members to do the same.

We designed this program with one mission: to give our Fellows everything they need to dominate their space."

The Eastern European Institute for Trade offers bespoke solutions that are custom tailored to the unique requirements of industry mavericks, government and ministry commercial and trade programs, multinational public and private sector stakeholders, and more. Each program we offer is engineered to the core for accelerated results that triple the distance in a fraction of the time because they have to. EEIT was founded against the backdrop of a global pandemic and at the onsite of an international energy crisis as a vehicle to launch next-generation strategies and programs to forge new commercial and trade alliances. The Fellows Program is the next phase of EEIT fulfilling its mission.

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Just a few of the solutions we provide to assist our Fellows:

  • Each Fellows Receives Bespoke Whitelabel Solutions

    • Tell Us What Your Clients Want, and We'll Customize a Package that's Completely Unique.​

  • Cobranded or Whitelabled Promotional Material

  • Lead Generation

  • Pre-Set Appointments 

  • Customized Outreach and Promotion

  • Keynote, Expert Panel, and Interview Participation Opportunities

  • Media Outreach and PR

  • And Much More!

Fellows Gain Turnkey Access to Transformative Solutions Such as:

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EEIT's Turnkey Programs Can Assist the Following Initiative Categories:

  • International Infrastructure Projects

  • Stakeholder-Focused Business Development and Commercial Expansion Programs

  • Startup Venture Capital and Investor Outreach

  • Licensing Promotion

  • Infrastructure Project Finance

  • Investor Relations Enhancement

  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

  • Investor Pitch and Presentations

  • Public - Private Sector Brand Internationalization

  • M & A, and IPO Strategies

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The Fellows Program Cover the Following Industry Catagories:

  • Energy and Infrastructure (Including LNG, SMR, Renewables, Utilities, etc.)

  • Technology and Cybersecurity

  • Domestic and International Trade

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Sustainability and Carbon Capture and Storage Technology and Projects

  • Manufacturing 

  • Regional Economic Development and Regional Partnering

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Fellows Can Access Promotional and Investor/Finance Outreach Programs Such As:

  • x10 Investor Relations Outreach Support

  • Targeted Investor Outreach and Bookings

  • Customized Virtual Roadshows

  • Live and Virtual Trade Missions to Europe/U.S.

  • Turnkey Presentation Setup 

  • Presentation Event with Attendee Followup and Bookings

  • Domestic and International Media Outreach

  • Strategic Partnership and Joint Venture Outreach and Exploratory Bookings

  • Research and Whitepaper Promotion

  • Targeted Audiences:

    • Family Office 

    • Venture Capital

    • Infrastructure Finance

    • M&A and IPO

  • Customized Financial Catagories are Available

  • Whitelabel and Custom Options Available

  • And Much More!

Join Us!

If you’re looking for a way to exponentially increase revenues, expand your presence with an established network, and grow with an organization that’s surgically focused on the Fellow's success, you’ve come to the right place! Please complete the form below and tell us a little more about yourself, your company, and your goals.

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