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Who Are We

American Energy Security & International Trade Summit

 June 20 - 21, 2022

Download the Complete Schedule Here

Important Note: Due to an unexpected increased number of last-minute Romanian Energy and embassy stakeholder requests to participate, we have changed the location of the summit to accommodate a larger group of participants. Thank you for your patience. Our goal is to offer a fully optimized setting so that working groups and attendees have as many direct stakeholder interactions as possible. The venue change allows us to expand the number of stakeholder engagements for our participants.


The summit modifications are as follows:


  • Romanian Embassy Reception June 20, 2022, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

  • Part One June 21, 2022, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

  • US Oil & Gas Association building 101 Constitution Ave, Washington DC 20001

  • The change of address offers additional space for more Romanian energy sector stakeholders to participate and collaborate with working groups and attendees.

  • Part Two June 21, 2022, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Transportation will be provided)

  • O’Neil Congressional Building (HOB 5200)  200 C St SW, Washington, DC 20024

  • This modification offers our working groups and presenters a more expansive audience with both diplomats and congressional staff.


Please Contact Us with Questions: 

The American Energy Security & International Trade Summit is a multilateral energy and infrastructure collaboration that unifies the international trade and commercial interests of public-private sector stakeholders from the United States, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, and Latvia (more nations to be in attendance). 

The Eastern European Institute for Trade will be launching International Business Development working groups, partnerships, and joint ventures that will include ongoing commercial collaborations as well as domestic and international trade missions to all the above-mentioned nations.


Programs being launched:

Black Sea Nations Working Groups:

  • Energy & Infrastructure

  • Critical Infrastructure Technology

  • Renewable Energy

  • Carbon Capture Technology & Investment


Working Group Trade Missions:

  • Energy & Infrastructure Trade Mission to Romania

  • Renewable Energy Trade Mission to Romania

  • Embassy Row Black Sea Trade Mission 


Black Sea Nations Regional Partnerships:

  • EDO Partnerships: These partnerships are strategically tailored to introduce multilateral commercial and trade partnerships and a "Partner Region" strategy for American and European Economic Development Organizations.

  • Trade Association Partnerships: These partnerships allow American and European trade associations a solution that offers turnkey multilateral international commercial and trade access to their members. 


This energy and infrastructure summit offers attendees numerous accelerated multilateral and multinational business development and European expansion opportunities to engage in a unique hybrid model that provides direct one-on-one meetings and collaborations between public-private sector commercial and trade stakeholders.

This summit has been made possible by the generous sponsorships of our friends at the

US Oil & Gas Association and The Bennet Group.

Part One: 8 AM to 1 PM


8:00 AM Part One: Summit Guest Arrive at the US Oil & Gas Association Offices – Open Networking 

8:30 AM “Bilateral Commercial Opportunities for Industrial Renewable Energy Projects”

  • Panelists will discuss the bilateral trade, commercial, and collaboration opportunities in the Black Sea region’s renewable energy sector with a focus on solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, and more. The panel will also discuss European market opportunities and developments in decarbonization technologies.

  • Panel Interview with Vlasit Consult Ion Vlăsceanu and Goicea Consulting 


9:00 AM “Multinational Energy Association Partnerships & Trade Missions”

  • Interview discussing the establishment of EEIT’s Euro-American Energy & Infrastructure Working Group to create long-term collaborations and partnerships between American and European energy associations, and to offer multilateral and multinational commercial reach and expansion for association members. The interview will also cover joint ventures, trade missions, commercial exchange opportunities, and more.

  • Interview with Silvia Vlăsceanu, Executive Director of HENRO – HENRO is an association of electricity producers representing the interest of the companies producing electricity from fossil sources (coal and natural gas), nuclear and hydro.


9:30 AM Congressional Energy Report: “The State of American Energy”

  • Presented by Tim Stewart, Executive Director of Oil and Gas Association, and Founding Partner of the Bennet Consulting Group


10:00 AM “Romanian Energy Sector Resiliency, Security, and Strategic Priorities” 

  • Panelists will discuss Romania’s energy sector resiliency, security, and strategic priorities in the categories of H2 production, offshore renewables (wind), decarbonization goals, ensuring the security of supply and price affordability sustainably, and sector integration.

  • Panel Guests Representing National Energy Regulatory Authority

  • Radu- Cosmin Bădiță, Director General - Directorate General for Monitoring and Investigations- ANRE

  • Florin Rădoi, Director General - General Directorate for Licences, Tariffs, Investment Monitoring, ANRE

  • Claudiu Dumbrăveanu, Director General - Directorate-General for the Energy Market, ANRE


10:30 AM  “Romanian & Black Sea Region Business Prospects in the Strategic Sector of Energy”

  • Panelists will discuss strategic priorities and investment projects (available logistics already in place: Constanta Port which provides Fluvial, maritime, rail, and highway transport) as well as:

    • LNG, Oil & Gas

    • Nuclear Energy

    • Natural gas in the Romanian Energy Transition

    • Recovery and resilience of the Energy sector

    • Decarbonization goals

    • Ensuring the security of supply and price affordability in a sustainable manner

  • Panel Guests Representing SAPE & SNGN ROMGAZ SA 

    • Luiza Marian, member of SAPE management

    • Monica Vodă, head of SAPE’s Advisory and Investment Department

    • Alexandra Posea – Economist, Department for Investor Relations SNGN ROMGAZ SA

    • Andreea Negru Ciobanu – Expert, Communication Department SNGN ROMGAZ SA

    • Irina Maria Suciu - Head of the Department for Strategic Objectives Follow-up and Implementation SNGN ROMGAZ SA

11:00 AM Break-Out Sessions: Networking, Working Groups, and Scheduled Meetings:

  • Black Sea Nations- Shale Crescent Partnership Working Group

  • Energy & Infrastructure Working Group

  • Renewable Energy Working Group

  • Carbon Capture Working Group

  • Pre-scheduled Meetings

    • National Energy Regulatory Authority

    •  ROMGAZ S.A. (Romania’s national gas company)

    • Distrigaz SA (Romania’s national gas distribution company)

    • SAPE (Romania’s state-owned energy fund)

    • HENRO (Trade association representing the interests of the companies producing electricity from fossil fuels)

    • DEPOGAZ Ploiesti (Primary gas storage operator in Romania with a share of more than 90% of the total gas storage capacities)

    • Vlasit Consulting (Tech support company for RES projects, electrical installations in heating)

    • Goicea Consulting (Operated by the former chairman of the national electricity distribution company Transelectrica)


1:00 PM Break, (continued One on One Meetings and Open Networking continue)

Part Two: 2 PM to 5 PM


2:00 PM Trade and Commercial Meetings and Collaborations with Black Sea & Eastern European Diplomats.

  • Eastern European Institute for Trade staff will open with a summarized briefing on institute programs and working groups:

    • Energy Trade Mission to Romania

    • Embassy row trade missions

    • Diplomat Working group and trade missions 

    • EDO and Trade Association Partnerships

    • Working Groups and Trade Missions Being Launched:

      • Energy & Infrastructure​

      • Renewable Energy

      • Infrastructure Technology

      • Carbon capture

2:15 PM American Renewable Energy Trade Mission to Romania 

  • This trade mission summary will cover the Romanian Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Trade support, stakeholder access, mission stops, visits, commercial opportunities, and more.

  • The trade mission summary will be presented by Matei Balaita, Trade and Commercial Advisor to the Romanian Embassy.


2:30 PM “How Small Modular Nuclear Power Plants Can Contribute to Energy Independence Goals by Supplying Cost-Competitive, Carbon-Free, Baseload Power.”

  • Presentation by Last Energy Inc.


3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Commercial Diplomats from the Eastern European Embassies will engage in energy and infrastructure trade meetings and working groups.

  • American participants will engage with diplomats in a series of one-on-one meetings, information sessions, and working group discussions. Conversations will be tailored to the industry niches and areas of focus of summit participants.

  • This part of the summit offers American organizations direct and strategic multilateral and multinational communication with stakeholders who can offer unique insights and access strategies to optimize international trade.​


Summit Closes

Register to Attend

Registration is Free for C-Suite and Senior Executives to Attend. Space is Limited.

See You At The Summit!

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