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Advisory & Academic Programs

Clinics & Briefings

EEIT fellowships provide a gateway for commercial experts and academic scholars to share their interpretations and expertise in the form of roundtable projects, whitepaper research, lectures, and advisory. Our clinics, briefings, and research strategies offer fellows a unique forum to collaborate on topics that are shaping the global economy and our world.

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eeit briefings and clinics.png

Fellow-Institute Collaborations

Our clinics & briefings are commercial and academic programs that support and expand upon the interests of our members. Briefings and clinics are member-institute collaborations that unify public-private sector interests and are primarily created on the basis of international business development and Eastern European commercial expansion.

Real-World Expertise

Clinics & briefings will typically combine industry niche-based and trade-focused working groups, Congressional and international government advisory, public events and lectures, and real-world introduction of a working group's collaboration in the form of trade missions, and infrastructure project formations, international development strategy, and more. 

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