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Fostering Direct Stakeholder to Stakeholder Engagement that Accelerates American-European

International Trade


Our services are rooted in our staff’s decades of relationship-based and trade-focused government relations, trade project formation and nation-state collaboration, international summit production, and niche-based subject matter advisory to intergovernmental, nongovernmental, and trade bloc member stakeholders.


EEIT Projects are niche-based collaboration microcosms that unify commercial, international trade bloc members, intergovernmental, diplomatic, finance, international relations, and business development interests.


EEIT events, summits, receptions, and briefings are for members, allied associations, and targeted niche and government stakeholders. Our model provides an intimate, stakeholder to stakeholder collaborative environment intended to unify and package trade.

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The Eastern European Institute for Trade and its programs are designed to assist embassies and trade missions in attracting and accelerating American - European trade and commerce introductions and networking. Each strategy is custom-tailored to the unique specifications of our members and stakeholders. We strategize with our diplomatic network to expedite and optimize international connectivity with members.

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Latest Institute Initiatives

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