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Our mission is to act as a strategic conduit that offers commercial enterprises a dependable multi-faceted approach, and direct trajectory to accelerated trade and economic development between American organizations and our Eastern European allies. Through EEIT’s trade missions, fellows programs, trade summits, done-for-you services, and regional economic and trade association partnership programs, we are continuously raising the bar for meaningful international government relations, and results-driven bilateral trade strategies.​

EEIT's Fellows program offers c-suite executives and their organizations a direct path to global expansion and international business development. Our international government relations, summits, and stakeholder receptions offer a unique solution for synergistic public-private collaborations. EEIT's programs offer infrastructure-focused organizations a networking hub for decision-makers to engage in accelerated bilateral trade talks and strategic alliance creation.

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Institutes & Councils

The Eastern European Institute for Trade supports other institutes, think tanks, NGOs, trade associations, and economic development organizations. We supply international government connectivity and a wide range of leadership tools that offer plug-and-play options and solutions for organizations with an interest in globalizing their initiatives. Contact us today for more information.


Energy Associations Institute

EAI empowers Energy Association Directors by offering a unified front through the power of networking & International relations programs engineered for tackling energy trade hurdles for their members. Invite-only, this program offers summits, and direct nation-state collaborations in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Pleases contact your membership concierge for more details or to sponsor an Energy Association Director.

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Euro-American Tech Alliance

Hyper-focused on c-suite networking and accelerated trade collaborations, the U.S. - Romanian Technology Council offers stakeholder to stakeholder trade meetings, events, receptions, and industry niche roundtables. Members form international strategic alliances, trade partnerships, and unified trade packages for public and private sector RFPs, infrastructure deals, and more. Please contact your membership concierge for more details or to sponsor a U.S. - Romanian Technology Council member.

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International Cloud Institute

The International Cloud Institute offers cloud services organizations direct parlay with public and private sector critical infrastructure organizations that utilize cloud solutions for strategic flexibility, data recovery, minimal maintenance, ease of access, elevated security, and more. ICI networks members into nation-state-focused infrastructure packaging strategies, summits, and executive networking functions intended to introduce trade. ICI facilitates custom-tailored and targeted outreach on behalf of members to facilitate weekly strategic stakeholder engagements with pre-vetted client candidates in both virtual and in-person meetings. 

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