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The Next Generation of Domestic & International
Business Development & Global Expansion

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The Eastern European Institute for Trade Brings Public & Private Sector Stakeholders Together for Multilateral and Multinational Commercial Collaborations.

Welcome to the next generation of our free Associate Membership access program, called Catalyst Programs, and intended for senior executives that require more of everything and in a custom-tailored and personalized program.


EEIT’s Catalyst Programs offer a one-on-one, bespoke approach to accelerated International and  Domestic Business Development and global expansion. These customized programs offer several rigorously potent and results-driven solutions, injected into a virtually limitless, white-glove, and surgically targeted outreach strategy.


Catalyst Programs were designed for senior executives and organizations that require accelerated international and domestic access to stakeholders with hyper-personalized strategic outreach and presentation booking strategies. This unique program enables members to enter new markets and triple the distance in a fraction of the time.


Catalyst Programs start with:

  • Surgically Targeted Outreach that Results in Booked Appointments Every Week.

  • Immediate Multilateral and Multinational Strategic Alliance and  Channel Partner Introductions.

  • Infrastructure Project Identification and Acces.

  • Personalized Trade Mission Setup and  Promotion.

  • One-on-One Meetings with international government officials and commercial stakeholders.

  • And a powerful AI-driven Media Outreach and PR program that runs 24/7 in the background.

EEIT’s Catalyst Programs are designed to hyper accelerate your domestic and international business development, expansion into Europe, expansion throughout the US, or anywhere in the world, in both public and private sectors. 

"EEIT's Catalyst Programs Offer Senior Executives Hyper-Personalized Solutions to Meet and Exceed Even the Most Aggressive Expansion Goals"

And while most organizations know us for our work in energy and infrastructure, we also maintain robust renewable energy, technology, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and environmental research program portfolios. We utilize this diversified access to create new entryways for program members to expand into new industry silos.

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Catalyst Program

Customized Features:

  • Personalized and Done-for-You Multinational, Domestic, and Multilateral Business Development Outreach with White-Glove Presentation Scheduling.

  • Targeted and Data-Driven Domestic and International Commercial Outreach with stakeholder-focused exploratory and presentation meeting scheduling.

  • Stakeholder Research for New Market Entry.

  • Hyper-Personalized Domestic and  International Strategic Alliance Network Formation 

  • Commercial and Trade-Focused International Government Relations.

  • Project and  Acquisitions Finance Research and  Outreach.

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Personalized Trade Missions & International Presentations

  • Targeted and Personalized Virtual Trade Missions to new countries each month.

  • Personalized, and heavily promoted Live and Virtual Events with Keynote presentations, Panel, and  Moderator Opportunities, with post-event attendee outreach and meeting schedule.

  • Brand Awareness Strategies and much more!

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2022 Personalized Calendar

  • July, Opening Keynote with Branded Sponsorship at EEIT's Members & Stakeholder Reception, Washington, D.C.

  • August, the Personalized & Branded Black Sea Virtual Trade Missions to Romania, Bulgaria, & Moldova.

  • Media Outreach & PR​

  • September, Keynote, Panel Moderation, and Branded Sponsorships at the "International Sustainable Energy & Transition Forum", Washington, D.C.

  • Media Outreach & PR Included​

  • October, Personalized & Branded Energy Trade Mission To Romania

  • Personalized & Branded Virtual Trade Missions to Slovakia, Slovenia, & Poland​

  • Media Outreach & PR Included

  • November, Personalized & Branded Virtual Trade Missions to Hungary, & the Czech Republic 

  • Media Outreach & PR Included​

  • December,  Personalized & Branded Virtual Trade Missions to Turkey, Georgia, & Azerbaijan

  • January, Calendar Coming Soon!

Book a 15-Minute Exploratory Call to Find Out More About EEIT's Catalyst Programs

Interested in Learning More?

We limit the number of Catalyst Program members for each industry niche to eliminate the potential for inner-program competition. Book a 15-minute exploratory call if you’d like to hear more.

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