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Ambassador Awards

The Ambassador Awards program is completely funded by our members and offered to strategically aligned experts that offer unique and synergistic qualities to our members, government stakeholders, research, diplomatic missions, incubators, initiatives, and/or projects. 


Awardees experience fully optimized, bespoke, and direct parlay with selected trade stakeholders, embassies, trade bloc members, intergovernmental and nongovernmental alliances, EEIT incubators, priority networking, event access, and more. Some awardees may receive a member sponsorship to join an EEIT project, initiative, event, or collaboration.

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Trade Ambassador Award

Trade Ambassador Award winners are sponsored and selected by our members for candidates who share a synergistic and strategic alignment with the members, their organizations, projects, or initiatives. Awardees are qualified through an extensive interview process where we can construct a profile that allows EEIT to offer a mutually beneficial strategy for both the awardee and the sponsoring members.

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Ambassador Grants

Ambassador Grants are awarded to researchers, incubator candidates, and academic experts who excel in a unique niche category that aligns with institute connectivity and project framework. Grant winners gain direct access to select institute programs, government and commercial advisory, and summit keynote and expert panels. EEIT will distribute their material to our international network of stakeholders and connect them to roundtables where their work can be recognized and injected into infrastructure projects and packages the institute is facilitating for members and governments globally.

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Ambassador Scholarship

Ambassador Scholarships are designed to accelerate and elevate the career trajectory of selected graduate students in the field of international relations and a wide variety of energy, and technology disciplines. Award winners gain access to the plethora of incubators and projects hosted and facilitated by EEIT and its vast network of more than 47+ institutes in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. During their six-month scholarship, the scholar will be introduced to project directors, embassies, nation-state stakeholders, members of the United States Congress, and their intended industry for potential placement.

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