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At the Eastern European Institute for Trade (EEIT), our mission is to powerfully and strategically bridge the global gap between American organizations and our Eastern European partners, catalyzing international trade, and fostering economic growth. EEIT's dynamic approach encompasses a diverse range of high-impact initiatives, including trade missions, fellows programs, trade summits, bespoke services, and robust regional economic and trade association partnerships, elevating the standard for effective international government relations and result-oriented bilateral trade strategies.

The EEIT Fellows program empowers C-suite executives and their organizations to achieve global expansion and thrive in the international business landscape. Our distinguished international government relations, summits, and stakeholder receptions present unrivaled opportunities for synergistic public-private collaboration, positioning EEIT as a global leader in trade development.

As a central hub for infrastructure-focused organizations, EEIT provides a vibrant platform for decision-makers to engage in expedited bilateral trade negotiations and cultivate strategic alliances, paving the way for a prosperous, interconnected world. Join us at the forefront of international trade, and together, let's shape a thriving global future.

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Institutes & Councils

The Eastern European Institute for Trade supports other institutes, think tanks, NGOs, trade associations, and economic development organizations. We supply international government connectivity and a wide range of leadership tools that offer plug-and-play options and solutions for organizations with an interest in globalizing their initiatives. Contact us today for more information.

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